Is my Umrah valid?

Is my Umrah valid?Category: ReligionIs my Umrah valid?
Aiysha Siddika asked 3 years ago

I have traveled by road with my 4 young children to Madina and then from Madina to Makkah. We arrived late and after settling my children I went to perform Umrah. Unfortunately I completely forgot to pray my shortened (travel) maghrib and Isha prayer. By the time I got back to the hotel. I passed out from complete fatigue and also missed Fajr. When I awoke I remembered that I missed my maghrib and Isha. I made up all my missed prayers.
I have sinned by forgetting to pray my fard prayer. Is my Umrah invalid? Do I have to resume ihram from outside of Makkah and then re-do my Umrah? What expiation must I do/give?

Thank you