Is my nikkah valid?

Is my nikkah valid?Category: ReligionIs my nikkah valid?
Hannah Darling asked 4 years ago

Salaam, my name is Hannah and im a revert.  I got married ( nikkah ) last summer. But me and my spouse argue and he treats me very poorly. And i have now come across a few posts and a few sisters and brothers have said to me my nikkah is invalid i am not married because we did not have an imam, we did not sign anything, it was a sit down in normal clothes at his house and his brother married us but he is not imam or anything, he and another brother was a witness and no one else was there which lasted 2 min. He also hides me from his entire family no one knows he is married only his mum and two brothers his eldest brother doesnt know neither does the rest of the family i always have to hide when people come to their house, he doesnt want me living with him he said i need pay rent if i want to live with him, he is extremely controlling aswell i cannot see my mother who is in spain i cannot speak to many friends who are female i cannot attend the mosque or anything. 
Please help me please tell me am i married or am i not? Has he taken me for a fool? I need to know asap i dont want to commit zina.