Is my marriage considered valid?

Is my marriage considered valid?Category: RelationshipsIs my marriage considered valid?
Layla asked 4 years ago

Before my husband reverted to Islam, we committed Zina, but after he reverted we didn’t do anything for months, I did repent for that, but is our marriage religiously valid even if he didn’t repent since it happened before he became a Muslim as I never spoke to him about it. We did agree that it wouldn’t happen again not until we are religiously married. What should I do? (We haven’t done anything since we got married, for the fear of god, guilt and repentance for what happened. I’m scared if we do it that’s it’s considered Zina, I really want to get rid of that Shak in my Nafs to be able to give him his needs and live a marriage life according to the book of God with him)?