Is my family cursed or affected by black magic?

Is my family cursed or affected by black magic?Is my family cursed or affected by black magic?
Hanifa asked 4 years ago

Salaam, I have a question regarding black magic having been done on me and my family in our home. Recently we started to renovate our living room and had removed our laminate flooring (the flooring had been placed in 5/6 years before). When we removed the flooring we found a straight line of pop corn seeds ( about 16 pop corn seeds) in the corner of the room. We found this a little suspicious only because as a family we don’t eat that kind of food and also just because it was in a straight line against the wall, and with no other type of mess or dust surrounding them. In the same corner we have a sewing machine that my mum uses on a daily basis and so we wouldn’t have been suspicious of it if there were loose threads or beads or sequins on the floor along with the popcorn seeds however there was no other mess on the floor so we just found it strange and was wondering if we should consider it to be any kind of black magic or evil? Or if it is just a coincidence?
We have had a similar situation before when my parents first moved in to the house years before, where they found a sweet box buried in the ground of our front garden, as if it was placed there deliberately and was later told it was a form of black magic to control someone.
Jazakallah khair x