Is invisioning an angel Shirk

Is invisioning an angel ShirkCategory: ReligionIs invisioning an angel Shirk
Ryan Mullins asked 4 years ago

As-Salaam- Alaikum,
I am a questioning nonbeliever.  I currently am still a Christian, but I have been reading some of the Quran and it makes more sense to me and seems like a more complete picture to the story.  This has made me consider becoming a Muslim, but not until I have done some more studying and praying for discernment.
I have stopped praying “in Jesus name” because I now believe that I can speak to God directly.  I love God and call Him my best friend.
My question is: is envisioning an angel in your mind’s eye shirk?  I have a pretty vivid imagination and a very visual mind with a photographic memory.  Sometimes when I pray, I imagining that my guardian angel is with me, and that he sometimes gives me words back from God.  I imagine the angel smiling warmly at me with approval and it fills my heart with warmth.  In fact I believe my guardian angel is my partner in this life, watching over me.  
Is it shirk to see this angel in my mind when I pray?  I do not associate him with God, because God is Indescribable.  
From a sincere seeker,
Ryan Mullins