Is bellydance Haram?

Is bellydance Haram?Category: OtherIs bellydance Haram?
Sani asked 4 years ago

Hello, My name is Sani and I’ve got a question. As a non-muslim I’m interested in learning about Islam and recently started reading the qu’ran(Translated) to learn also what has been written. I was just suddenly wondering… Is bellydancing Haram? The reason I asked this is because my sister is a performer of Bellydance. I would like to know that if the time may come for me to convert to Islam am I still allowed to watch her perform or not? Normally I’m supporting her and help her record so she can make her own promotion videos since it’s her own build op bussines. But if it would be Haram I can’t help her no more or even watch it to support her. So for myself I really like to know. I mean it’s my sister, family, not just a random woman.