Is a marriage valid based on lies

Is a marriage valid based on liesCategory: RelationshipsIs a marriage valid based on lies
Clare Hussain asked 4 years ago


my brother had his nikkah done in March to a girl he was briefly seeing. she told him she was pregnant so he did what was right and married her through an imam who advised a mosque that would marry them. They was married in a mosque in Birmingham. And a marriage certificate was signed by both. Neither parents was aware and out father is unaware of this marriage they do not know about this girl. My father has not consented to this marriage.

the girl is not pregnant and she lied to him! now he has found out he really wants this marriage over but she isn’t allowing it!
was this marriage valid due to the fact. He was blackmailed to marry her because she was faking a pregnancy. May I add they never slept together neither have they after the nikkah .
You may wonder how a pregnancy was possible. As so do I? Apparently they did things but not intercourse. 

Any help would be appreciated.
can you please advise me on what’s right and wrong and what we can do about this situation.