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Hita asked 4 years ago

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu.
I am hoping to study «International Relations» after graduating from High School In Sha Allah.
Considering, however, that this course of study as well the jobs that can be potentially  pursued on grounds of this subject and  the fact that I am highly interested in politics, I am wondering whether pointing my finger at person’s of authority, their politics and their overall behaviour in public as well as the influence of all these aspects on global politics, is considered just as sinful and inappropriate/prohibited as pointing one’s finger and judging others in Islam.
Are there certain exceptions for the fields of politics? If so, what are they exactly all about? 
Jazak’Allah to whoever is reading this and Jazak’Allah for the answer(s) in advance. Barakallahu feek!