Interfaith relationship and sex before marriage

Interfaith relationship and sex before marriageCategory: RelationshipsInterfaith relationship and sex before marriage
Regina asked 7 years ago

Dear Madam or Sir,
my boyfriend and I are in a desperate situation because of our different beliefs regarding sex before marriage. He is Muslim, I am Christian and we have been dating for a few months now. Due to his desire to obey the laws of God written down in the Quran, we want to wait with sex until we get married. But here is where the problem is. Although Islam allows him to be with a Christian woman like me and does not require me to convert in order to marry him, he cannot marry a non-virgin (other than divorced women, of course). As my protestant Christian faith does not forbid me to have sex before marriage, I am not a virgin anymore. From my point of view, I have not committed a sin and therefore cannot regret/ seek repentance for what I have done. I also cannot convert to Islam in order to get cleared of all my sins as I have found peace and happiness in my own Christian faith.
My boyfriend and I love each other very much and believe that God has let our paths cross for a specific reason. We want to get married and live a happy and peaceful life together that allows us to respect each others’ faiths while pleasing God. We are convinced to be meant for each other but cannot seem to find a solution to the dilemma we face. Do we really have to end our relationship simply because I am not a virgin anymore??? Please help us find a way to stay together –إن شاء الله
Thank you!