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Lein asked 5 years ago

I’m a 21 year old muslim girl. About a year ago I met this white non muslim guy and we just casually chatted and after a while we began to develop feelings for each other. He was more respectful to me and my beliefs than any other guy I’ve ever met and I decided to tell my mother about him as I didn’t want to lie about seeing him but I didn’t know where we were going with our relationship either. He’s very interested in learning about my religion and culture and he would not be opposed to converting. However, my mum made it very clear that the day I marry a non-arab it would be the day we no longer talk. She made this decision based on his race and status. Because he’s not a doctor and doesn’t come from a family of doctors. What can I do in this case as I’ve told her that in Islam there’s no difference between an arab and non arab, black or white other than in piety but she completely refuses to accept him
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