injustice/unfairness in relationship

injustice/unfairness in relationshipCategory: Relationshipsinjustice/unfairness in relationship
rania asked 7 years ago

Salam alaikom, 
For about 1 year ago I met somebody through family.We talked lot through phone to get known each other. Soon after we engaged/did fatiha. 
He’s studying and I’m working,i have accepted this and to sacrifice as I have been told it’s a good boy who prays and fears allah swt. 
So I started to be financial responsible for all living costs to help his family to save for marriage. I spent thousands of euro’s. 
Last summer we were supposed to marry, due to lot circumstances this was cancelled. Also his family neither himself had at the end any money for marriage. 
Last month he liked to seperate with reason ‘now feeling anymore and characters not same’.Even his family blaiming that before any engagement we had to know each other better first. 
For me this is not right as not according our deen and already very sorry how all did go. I make lot of istighfaar. 
Now I would like my money back which I had invested to help for marriage. I see this as my right. I’m correct? And that in front of allah they have my right/injustice? 
In meantime I have also been informed he’s narssistic personality and I may have been under narssistic/emotional abuse. But was always patient or blind. …
Jazzak allah khair,