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Nuzhat Mahmud asked 3 years ago

This query is in regards to inheritance. My husband and his family lived in a council house many years ago. His parents were both on low income. There was a offer on at the time to purchase the council house at a discounted rate to which his parents could not afford to buy. My husband was working at the time and had the money so he bought the house with the intention of buying for himself and future, paid the deposit and mortgage and has been still paying it and will be mortgage free in sha Allah soon. In order to get the house at a discounted rate his parents name had to be on the house. So his name his dad and mums was in the property.
Years later his dad remarried and went on to live abroad in Pakistan with new wife and he removed his name from the property. My husband has no reason to remove his mums name from the property. My mother in law and father in law both passed away may Allah grant them Jannah 2 years ago.
My husband has 2 sisters who say they have a share in the property as their mums name is on the property. We would like to know from Islam shariah law if they have a share to the property. Also my husband and his mum and younger sister went to hajj in 2009 and wrote a will if anything happens to them on hajj everything will go to the eldest sister who is not travelling. This will still stands however we just want to know from a shariah perspective if they have a share so we can do the right thing in sha Allah jzk