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Mohammed Hassan asked 4 years ago

Assalamu Aleikum My names are Mohammed Hassan from Kenya 36 years old i am married for the second time to a beautiful woman Muslim whom has willingly we are blassed with a girl and a boy from my previous marriage, my first marriage was a nightmare was depressed for more than five years my ex wife cheated on me, Allah blessed me with my current wife the issue is that my wife was once  married too but didn’t bare children I have caught her and she has confessed that she has been in contact with her ex husband reasons I don’t know she won’t talk about it if I ask her she becomes aggressive I think she is still in love with him I love her so much and I don’t want to loose her, she is always sad, drifting in her thoughts our daughter is 3 years old now we have been married 4years now but she has not opened up to me as her husband I feel she is not happy and I am not happy when she is not I have been drinking she even doesn’t know about my drinking I know I will be punished for it even I don’t like it what should I do advice me plz