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Nathaniel Harvey asked 5 years ago

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I will try to keep it as brief as possible.
My name is Nathaniel, and I was born in Montreal, as a Jewish-Morroccan. I won’t go into detail, but after 14-15 years, I feel the Jewish people in my community, not my family though, have turned their backs on me. They simply found me as the black sheep of the group. I then began disconnecting from God and religion as a whole.
Fast forward and I’m now 21 years old, I’ve met an Algerian-Muslim girl, who understood I was seeking to restore my faith in religion and god, and saw I was interested in Islam and was willing to answer any questions I had, as we started dating.
I’ve fallen in love with Islam, its ways, and the people I’ve met who are true to the Qur’an, as well as Celia, the Algerian-Muslim. Unfortunately, my mother was the first I’d tell that I had been considering converting, and she immediately blamed it on Celia, and despite my every attempt at making it clear I would never turn my back on my family, I was simply looking for somewhere to turn to only in regards to faith and beliefs in God, to assure my afterlife is one of greatness, she did not care, and proceeded to ban Celia from ever returning to my home.
Fortunately, her parents are a lot more accepting. They are willing to help and guide me through the conversion process. But I am filled with doubt now regarding this decision as I do not wish to lose connection to my mother, and I’m unsure how the rest of my family will react. So I seek guidance from you, and ask for what you think would be best. I will always pray for the best outcome, and if that is all I need to do, then I will continue to do so.
Thank you once again for your time in reading this.