I’m pregnant from zina and what to do?

I’m pregnant from zina and what to do?Category: QuestionsI’m pregnant from zina and what to do?
Khadijah asked 5 years ago

I’m currently 3 months pregnant from zina. I told the boy I was pregnant from and he completely shut down and stop talking to me because he was so scared to tell his parents. Throughout our relationship he told me he loved me and that he wanted to marry me and have kids. After awhile he kept trying to contact me to see how I was doing but I felt he was in hope of miscarriage. He stated to me he does not want this kid and doesn’t not want to support the child and to stay away from him and his family. I’ve stopped communicating with him and he started to text me again saying he’s sorry that he didn’t mean that because he’s so stressed out. So i told him I wanted nikkah and he said he’s not ready to support financially due to he’s not  happy with his career and he wouldn’t be able to support me, himself , our child , and a daughter which I had before I became Muslim. I told him not to contact me no more or ask about our child and I’m not going to abort. He came across thinking that I was going to marry another Muslim and he didn’t want me to at all. Or have a different man to raise his child. So I told him that’s not what I want to do. And I want to marry him because I love him and he also kept stating he loved me as well. So we came to a decision that we was going to do nikkah. That same night we spoke to my Islamic parents. And they where so happy that they planned the nikkah for the next day. The next day we went to city hall to sign for a marriage license. Then he told me he was going to tell his parent the same night and that he was still going to do the nikkah after telling them. My Islamic parents arranged the nikkah. And we waited for him where I received a call that he wasn’t going to marry me at all. I’ve felt so emotionally embarrassed and hurt.  The next day him and his mother came to my house and she specifically told me that her son is not going to support our child at all and that I need to leave him alone and if he wants to marry me or support his child then she is not going to support her son at all. And that I need to respect his decision. And since I want to keep the child it’s on me to raise the child in my own. Because she said most likely I was careless in taking the birth control when I wasn’t. And that what he told his mom that I missed it. Her son left my home and she told me the least she can do is give me money for the child’s need after she told me she’s not going to help in front of her son. Then that same day she called me telling me that I had time to abort before the 120th day because some scholars state that in certain difficult situations it is permissible. And she tried to imply that I should because I don’t have any support  and I’ll be a single mom of two and that’s going to cause an issue to her sons life as well. And that should be considered a difficult reason. And that I also need to start thinking about myself and she was willing to help me get the stuff I want in life if I did the abortion. I was so saddened that she was trying to bribe me, and tell me an information about scholars where I knew the knowledge of what she was trying to tell me but only said the things that was convenient for her to say instead of saying the whole truth. She also kept saying that her son is not supporting our child over and over again. And I can seek guidance from her instead of others. Also once I finish talking to his mom. I spoke to him and he couldn’t even give me eye contact like his hands was tied behind his back. I even asked him if he ever wanted to meet the baby once it’s born and he got so nervous and said I can’t that will make it hard for me and he tried to give me a hug and I pushed him away and he tried again harder then left afterwards. I told my mom and she said to just keep making Dua that Allah swa soften their hearts and if he comes back it was meant to be because Allah knows what’s best. So I want to know what options do I have on what should I do ? I feel he’s being blackmailed as well from his mother as well.