I'm not happy in my marriage. What should I do?

I'm not happy in my marriage. What should I do?Category: RelationshipsI'm not happy in my marriage. What should I do?
Sabiha Khan asked 4 years ago

Salam. My husband and I have been married for 8 yrs. We don’t have children. I notice my husband doesn’t talk to me in a respectful way. He only talks to me when he needs something done. Usually he tells me to do it and doesn’t even ask me. He also yells at me from another room and doesn’t bother to come to me when he needs something done. I have told him that I feel disrespected. He than doesn’t listen and does it again the next day. Sometimes if feel so ignored. I use cry to him but i noticed it doesn’t help the situation. I have had a lot of mental health issues in the past and sometimes i feel he triggers me to become upset. I self hatm when it gets bad. I curse. I have tried everything but my husband still disrespects me. When i notice that he is not respecting i do things to trigger him to so that he knows how i feel. He get violents and loud and tells me I’m being rude but I’m not. I feel ignored in my relationship. I am beginning to hate him. I stay away from him by i having my own room and we have been sleeping separately in our own rooms now for 3 yrs. We don’t have sex often. I do not wish to sleep with a person who doesn’t listen to me. I have told him this but he says it will be my fault if he leaves me for another woman. He also complains that I do not want to have kids. I have told him he must change. I do not want to bring a child in a house where the father ignores me and talks to me like his servent. I have been watching him and i am not seeing any improvement in his behavior. What should I do? I have asked him to see a counselor but he says he doesn’t want go to a non Muslim one. So I have even agreed to see a Muslim. Now he is saying he doesn’t have time. This is frustrating. What should I do?