I think I am haunted by a Jinn

I think I am haunted by a JinnCategory: OtherI think I am haunted by a Jinn
Anonymus asked 3 years ago

I think I am haunted by a Jinn. I feel like there’s a presence around me at times and it seems to be a lot more stronger then it was a year ago. 
I feel like there’s these figures around me just watching me. I fell like this has been happening for a long time (years) but it feels ‘stronger’ now then previously, tho nothing major like things moving around the house).  My brother in law was walking past my room and said he saw someone sitting where I sit on my bed as well which spooks me as I haven’t told anyone about these experiences.
I’m thinking anything sent in this month should be sent by Allah as Jinns are locked up during Ramadan. 
I once had an encounter where I woke up and saw a burnt person, who was completely black in color and had yellowish/redish (cant remember now) glowing eyes and had some ‘rays’ around him. It’s as if he tried to communicate with me till I woke up and ran out the room (door was open though I found this Ironic as it could have just faded or something).
I’m not sure if I want it completely gone as it may be beneficial to have these sorts of thing around so am thinking to try and make contact. Any advise?