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T asked 4 years ago

I need help…You probably won\’t see this but I\’m a nineteen year old Muslim girl and lately I\’ve been struggling to practice Islam due to my relationship with my parents. When I am left alone, I turn to Allah and read the quraan for hours on end but when my parents interfere I snap and disregard my five prayers and quraan. I feel intense pressure from them even though I try to be the perfect daughter. I don\’t drink, do drugs or have any friends who are boys. Sometimes I want to hang out with my friends but they forbid me to do so and even threatened to disown me if I stepped out of the house when I wanted to go gym. I always listen to my parents but I hate how they control me. I feel suffocated and I can\’t even talk to them about it because they wouldn\’t even listen to me. I have even contemplated running away but I couldn\’t because of my loyalty to my younger brothers. For the past nineteen years I have been unable to enjoy my childhood and now they tell me to waste away inside a house.I am ambitious and I want to do many things with my life. They once scolded me for donating zakaat to Kenya. I just don\’t understand. How do I deal with my parents? I know I\’m a good daughter and Muslim but I can\’t handle the pressure when I know my mental health is at a breaking point.