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fatima alrebaie asked 4 years ago

Hello. I\\\’ve been struggling for years on what to do with my oldest brother, and i really need help because it takes a huge toll on my family. In the beginning of 2017, my brother moved in with my father in Kansas city, while the rest of my family lived in Michigan, which was really never an issue because my parents were divorced and we had gotten used to my dad living there. My dad just wanted his oldest son there with him. In the beginning it was fine until my brother started to complain about not liking it, which lead to him doing heavy drugs. They took over his life, my father would call me every other day telling me my brother had disappeared and asking us to help him figure out where he was. He would go missing for days, and it really started to ruin my dad mentally, he tried everything he could until he mentally couldn\\\’t, then he physically became sick, then he passed away, Allah Yerhamo. My brother hospitalized my dad, but he hardly went to go visit him. My dad cried in his face in the hospital bed and my brother really had no remorse. He just acted as if everything was normal, and he still does. I believe that even after all of that, my brother is still on drugs and will not give them up. He\\\’s been to jail multiple times, but of course he was out on bail by my dad, but he still doesn\\\’t have his life together and he\\\’s 30 years old. My mom is a stay at home mom, and at this point of her life all she does is take care of her kids, but my oldest brother really takes a toll on her. I\\\’m not sure whether or not to give up on him completely, because i know it is haram to abandon a family member. But at this point, no matter what you say or do, he really doesn\\\’t care. I lost my dad because of him, I hate to say it but its true. Allah Yerhamo. I pray for him all the time and always give out positive thoughts for him, I just don\\\’t know what to do. Please give me some advice on how i should handle this. May Allah bless you and thank you for reading.