I need assistance in decision

I need assistance in decisionCategory: GeneralI need assistance in decision
Ani asked 4 years ago

Dear Sheikh Assalamualaikum,
My question was about a situation that I am facing. My father wants me to work at random restaurants… where I have to work alomg side of other men. Also I need to wear clothes that go against my integrity. I may not wear hijab properly but I follow strict rules in terms of clothing generally.

I quit my last job because they did not let me pray there. And quit another job regarding the clothing and other reasons.

My father is very angry with me because of this. As we really need money right now. I am currently studying in an undergraduate school. I’m also trying to learn Arabic so I could have a teaching or interpreting Job in the near future. I am also getting married soon In Sha Allah. My father being mad at me is scaring me as I really really want his blessings. I just can’t listen to him as I don’t feel comfortable at all working at such places.
It is really hard to find a job for me right now as I live in a non-muslim country right now. I really want to know if I should listen to my father or stick to my plan? Is Allah going to be angry with me for hurting my father?

I want add that my father doesn’t like me wearing hijab also. It’s already hard enough to wear hijab in a country like this… but my father not supporting me hurts me the most.

I hope I was able to give a good explanation. I saw people asking questions in this page and that’s why I wanted to ask this.
Thank you.