i keep seeing the number 11

i keep seeing the number 11Category: Questionsi keep seeing the number 11
Nasrah asked 4 years ago

Asalam Aleykum sheikh, i have been seeing the number 11 for a really long time now( almost 3 years maybe) and it got to the where i see it everyday where it is the time or total charge. Told my friend and they said it might jinn messing with you and that freaked me out the most. i wanted to look in numerology but i heard that can be shirk so i avoided it. so yesterday as i was looking through Imams and seeking and answer i came through imam Al Ghazali, i look through his biography and i found out he died December 19, 1111 i thought it was weird and not coincidence at the same time 
So my question is , is there a meaning to this or a reason why that number keeps coming up everywhere