Hammad Younas asked 5 years ago
  • I was wondering if someone commits a sin where they may have influenced someone indirectly to commit shirk or beleive in a religion that is not islam, how can this person get out of this continous sin? If This person watched a video made by a person who was Christian, and the act of him watching the video contributed to the video’s views, and the person knew that he may have been influencing people in a wrong way, but continued with the intention of just asking for forgiveness after afterwards, how can they fix this mistake. What if This person deeply regrets the sin, and wants to correct it. How can this person do it? What if the person does not know who they might have influenced, but they know people who may have been influenced? Can this person just get rid of this sin by sincerely asking allah swt for forgiveness? Or do they have to try to contact anyone who they may have influenced? If this person is a muslim, and believes in allah and him being the only god, will he be sent straight to the hell fire for comitting this even though he is a muslim? If the person has the intention of asking for forgiveness for influencing people to commit shirk or believe in not islm afterwards, and continues to watch the video, is his intention now to influence people to commit shirk and beleive in religions except islam? Is there any good deeds the person can do to completely expiate this sin? How should this person correct the sin that I have explained? Since shirk is the one unforgiveable sin after one dies, will he be sent to hell even though he himself is a believer but he may have influenced others to commit shirk? Is beleiving in Christianity a form of shirk? Is Being a Christian, or being part of a religion that is not Islam, a continous sin? If a person is not muslim, will they be getting a sin every second for believing in a wrong religion, since all religions except islam are wrong? 
  • Thank you, and please answer these questions for me. Salam