i have depression

i have depressioni have depression
meysa asked 5 years ago

i am a 16 year old born muslim and have had depression for 3 years. it all started when my dad beat me in his car infront of my school and carried on to let the people from my school heckle at me because he told me to wear my school jumper to make my breasts not show in the middle of summer. i know i must cover myself sso my chest was covered by my ijab and after he beat me he made me go to school with my winter jacket throughout summer knowing i can not deal with heat and will faint and get dizzy. i sometimes want to kill myslef because they alwasy swear that i should have died and have cursed me but then say they love me. i am not allowed to go out with my friends but when my brothers refuse to go shopping for my parents i am made to do the males job. and my mood is always up and down becuase of my depression and they cuss me. my brothers smoke weed and they dont care becuase they are boys. help me wallahi i am going t die