Husband Stubbornness

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SyedM asked 4 years ago

Assalam Alikum I wanted to know what shall wife do when her husband is not willing to change anything in him.My husband is so much stubborn he is really not interested in listening to me when I talk him about simple things like hygiene,clothing etc. I am married for 4 years now but my husband I feel he lives a life of a bachelor till now he doesn’t care about anything and tells me do whatever you want and when I request him for some change in him he shows me hand✋enough.He doesn’t even earn he is dependent on his parents for money for every single thing I have to beg them. And it is getting on my nervous now.My parents tell me to leave him take divorce and settle somewhere else.I am almost cross my age what shall I do I don’t understand.When I do Istakhara I feel everything is getting normal.Whole day he stays with his parents and come late to home.I don’t want to leave him because he gives respect to my family people and everyone likes him few things are good but most things are so bad my head starts to pain I am so confused what shall I do.I feel he wants a woman just to give birth to his child and stay at one corner.He doesn’t even care about small things.Please help me I am very confused and don’t know what shall I do.