Husband refusing to stay in marital home

Husband refusing to stay in marital homeCategory: RelationshipsHusband refusing to stay in marital home
Alia asked 5 years ago

Salaam alaykum .. is it permissible for a husband to refuse to come back to the marital home and stay in his own house due to living in a Muslim country and only being married by nikah and not the government marriage? Due to worrying that a disaster may happen and if police are called he could get in trouble as without marriage papers? He has been living this way with me for two years and it’s something we will be doing in shaa Allah but i am from abroad and not a citizen for this county so it’s a process… there is a paper he can gain from the police that state he is going to Marry him legally which then if a disaster were to Allah forbid happen it would protect him for being with me. If this paper is accessible and he still refuses, is this a sin upon him? I have no family here, 2 children and am currently pregnant and he is my only support and he hasn’t been home for two weeks now. Your advice would be appreciated.