Husband refusing to Divorce

Husband refusing to DivorceCategory: RelationshipsHusband refusing to Divorce
Shazia asked 7 years ago

My husband will not give me divorce, if I tell him to leave me, he will ignore me for over a week until he thinks I have changed my mind. I am his 2nd wife and he treats me like second hand goods. He swears at me, doesn’t even live with me, there’s no affection and he doesn’t financially support me and my baby. He doesn’t confide in me, never gives me attention but gives it to everybody else, he says very hurtful things and makes me feel low. He doesn’t treat me equally or fairly to his other wife. He never ever apologises for his behaviour and gets our mothers involved in our problems which is very embarrassing and unacceptable as he is a 30 year old man who should be able to solve his own problems but chooses not to. I’m tired of trying to make it work, it’s affecting me emotionally and mentally. I need to focus on my son. How do I get him to divorce me? Please help me