husband? or not? divorce?

husband? or not? divorce?Category: Relationshipshusband? or not? divorce?
alicia asked 7 years ago

Salam Alaykum. 
I am a revert of 1 yr. I met a muslim man about 6 months ago and we made nikah, or he says we did? we had no witnesses only friends that he told on the phone we were doing it right before hand. there was no Mahr discussed or paid. before the nikah he was kind, and gentle and never angry or jealous or suspicious. 
After the nikah (less than a month, we had nikah 2 days before ramadan 2017 started) he immediately is SO jealous, I cannot even speak to my sister with out him getting angry and accusing me of being unfaithful. I swear, I have done no such thing!! I have been completely transparent. We are long distance right now with plans to move in together in the next month. But I have shown him all my social media, I ask him before accepting new friends, I have stopped talking o any old friends he was bothered by. but still he is suspicious of me. makes accusations without any proof. 
It hurts my heart every day. I have cried myself to sleep for a week now. what can I do? can we divorce? I do not want a marriage filled with suspicion and jealousy. if he had acted like this at all before nikah I would have said no. 
Can we divorce? is our Nikah even valid if there was no wali, mahr, or imam? please help!? I am so lost.