Husband or Mother?

Husband or Mother?Category: RelationshipsHusband or Mother?
Fab asked 4 years ago

Salam ustaz, my Mother and Father has been staying with me for 10 years in my small house of 2 rooms. From my first marriage, I have Two children, 18 ye(a girl) and 16 ur(boy) after divorce I remarried and had a 4 year old (girl). My Husband and I not staying together as the house is congested and we end up having to stay in one room sleep together with my Daughter. My Husband is very uncomfortable to sleep with his step daughter with em and my Son in one room. So we decided that we stay separately(him at his parents place) and he will come on weekends. Recently my Father passed away. And my Mother been giving me a lot of tension from before that lead my divorce on my second marriage and now we reconcile and trying to work on the relationship. I don’t know want to hurt my Mother feeling, but after my dad departure she had been unjust towards the effort of my husband and me and what we have done for my late Father and her. She hates the word privacy when we explained to her. My sister house is much bigger and she could easily stay there but she wouldn’t. We are all cramp up in this house and my Son and daughter had to sleep on the floor for 10 years.  She will involve in us on our children wellbeing and acitivities and involve in our parenting. When she is around I am very cautious on cooking for my Husband or serving my Husband as she will give me sacastic remarks. I have a good job that able to support me and the family. But my mind is not at peace when at home. I am not able to relax and everything that happen in my house, she will complain to my sister. My Sister always blames me. I will usually end up fighting with my Husband. And lead into many decision of not being here with the family etc. I’m in Dilemma I’m stuck in between. I want to have my Husband around like normal family. And with my mum around it’s impossible. my relative keep consoling me saying to give in to her but we have been giving in and years passes that we don’t get chance to build our relationship and family when we are legally Husband and Wife. At times, we have to wait until months when we can be together privately.