Husband has anxiety

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Katherine asked 5 years ago

I am a revert and been married 13 years I am 30 and have 2 children, I am English and husband is Arabic. I really need some advice I recently came ill a couple of years ago and my husband was very worried something bad was going to happen to me., luckily I was fine In the end however this was a couple of months of me having our second child so he was in shock worried the kids would loose there mother.
My husband was very stressed with work on top of my issue and needed to leave as was causing him anxiety, this obviously caused financial problems as only me working. 
He is not praying and very far away from his deen, deep down he knows this and he is a good person but is embarrassed infornt of Allah because he is struggling. 
He has severe anxiety which causes anger, he does not sleep in the night and has recently gone to smoking cannabis to block out everything. I don’t agree with this but he said it’s the only thing that helps as he doesn’t want to take medicatoon
 I hate the fact he does this and I’ve tried so many times to tell him be wil. Find peace if close to Allah. 
He has rages with his mum and dad and they have had enough, am I doing wrong by sta ding next to him trying to help they keep telling me I need to tell him I’m. Leaving him and then he will stop all. Of this… I don’t agree he is very sick and even wants to die to not be in this world. I don’t know what to do, am I doing wrong by standing by him through this tough time as he is doing hsram things… Or do I leave and let him struggle alone. I love him so much but I can’t turn my back on him but I don’t want Allah to blame me or say to me it’s my fault. He is a good person inside and I do always forgive him for things he does. Please advise me