Husband does not make good choices

Husband does not make good choicesCategory: RelationshipsHusband does not make good choices
Yamna N/A Akram asked 4 years ago

AoA, if a husband has bipolar disorder and has repeatedly made decisions that have not done any good to the family. Not to his wife or child. Should the wife still obey him? He is very hot tempered and has a hard time controlling it. He has been abusive and does not stay on medicine regimen regularly. He refuses to accept any fault and blames everyone else for his problems. Also he does not provide though he says he tries very hard too. There are times where he is somewhat stable, but ultimately asks the wife to ask his parents and her parents for money to support them. Right now the wife is pregnant and is living at her parents home while he is away and asking her to join him, but he has no home, no job and no form of stability. He also smokes and has in the past gone to haraam places with his so-called “intention” to bring dawah to the nightlife industry. He has on multiple occasions told his wife to go to strip clubs and night clubs to give dawah to the girls that are there. The wife has refused this many times and he gets upset. He is very aggressive and says he will work on himself but it has been 6 years and now the wife feels as though she is unable to join him far away from her family and the stability she now has for her daughter with another child on the way. He threatens another wife and also divorce many times. What should be done in this situation and is the wife still obligated to obey him?