Husband and wife henna stains

Husband and wife henna stainsCategory: OtherHusband and wife henna stains
Sis sarah asked 3 years ago

Assallaam alaykum.
I have a question…this story is to be ashamed of but…
Me and my husband woke up one day with henna like stains on our feet. I had it worse than him. I had also a lot of times at that time bad dreams where i was raped/or seeing naked people in my dreams that tried to seduce me, to make me sin in my dream. Every time it was by different “people”. (With people i mean women, men, a old women, and even my mom) About the stains, i knew it couldn’t be a medical or logical explanation, because we both had it.
A person (girl) i was on bad terms with was at that time possessed by 3 jinns and since she “recovered” i didn’t got nightmares like that anymore. (I heard this through other people because is still don’t talk to her. What does this mean? Did she tried to break our marriage with black magic? Did a jinn fel in love with me and tried to ruin me in my sleep? I hope anyone has a answer for me.
Thank you.