Husband and Daughter – Is my marriage okay?

Husband and Daughter – Is my marriage okay?Category: RelationshipsHusband and Daughter – Is my marriage okay?
Halima asked 4 years ago

Salam, I have been married to my husband for 20 years. In the 20 years that he and I have been together, we have had 4 children; two daughters and two sons. We have had issues whereby he has said to me more than three times that I am no longer his wife, but after apologising about two weeks later, we are fine again. Islamically, is our nikkah affected?
My daughter is now 20 years old and recently she told me about something which was affecting her. She said that since age 14, her father was trying to touch her and she kept quiet about it for so many years because she did not understand and did not want to cause that kind of pain for the family until now, it got to a point where her father tried to force himself on her. After confronting my husband about his behaviour, my son and I told him this was wrong and we needed to get in contact with an imam or a sheikh who could advise on the best possible action. 
This is extremely distressing because my youngest son is only six years old and for him to witness all of this, it just isn’t okay. I’d really like some guidance and support in relation to what action needs to be taken.