Husband addicted to pornography

Husband addicted to pornographyCategory: RelationshipsHusband addicted to pornography
Fatima asked 5 years ago

I have been married for eight months Alhamdullilah and I have come to know of my husband’s addiction to pornography. 
How do I support him in removing this out of his life? I have spoken to him several times about this, sharing my emotions of how it makes me feel inadequate and hurts me and is Haram in a gentle manner, and he promises not to watch, but relapses. 
He tries to delete his history but he forgets from time to time. He loves me a lot but this addiction is something he is struggling to get rid of. We have spoken openly about our intimate life and he is satisfied, yet he cannot let go of watching porn. 
I would really appreciate your advise. 
JazakAllah khair.