How to handle disrespectful in laws

How to handle disrespectful in lawsCategory: ReligionHow to handle disrespectful in laws
Mikail Buser asked 5 years ago

According to Islam and the sunnah how is a person supposed to handle disrespectful in laws. My brother in law was mad about something between his wife and my wife and acted inappropriately at work. I got him a job making $4 more an hour then he made before I married his sister. He came to work and starting yelling at me , cursing at me calling me names suck as koonie, piece of shit, noons likes you and so on and on. And basically said his sister was and has always been the problem in his family. So he took his anger out on me, disrespected me and then I tried to confront later after work when it was more appropriate and he continued to be disrespectful towards me. 
How should I handle this blatant disrespectful behavior. I did not curse at him back I instead remained calm, told him his behavior was not in good character and he needed to check himself as both a Muslim man, brother and coworker.