How to get family to accept my faith

How to get family to accept my faithCategory: RelationshipsHow to get family to accept my faith
annoymous asked 7 years ago

As salaam alaikum,
I was raised in a Catholic household with very devout parents and extended family. When I was 13 I took the Shahada. Both of my parents know this yet they’ve covered it up and kept quiet while I’ve been practicing in secret from my family for years. I’m 18 now and before I go to college I want to have everyone know that I am no longer Catholic and openly practice Islam this includes going to masjid and officially becoming a Muslim, for my parents have never allowed me to visit a mosque and changing a part of my name. However I’m afraid how this is going to turn out given the recent election and the growing islamaphobic retoric that some members of my family have been buying into. Please help my through the guidance of Allah and the Quran on how I should go about this.