How to deal with my mother

How to deal with my motherCategory: RelationshipsHow to deal with my mother
Mohammed Ibrahim asked 5 years ago

Assalamualaikum. I’m from India, since my childhood my father was away from us working in foreign, me, my younger brother and my mom living alone in home, as I was studying 3rd std I saw my mother has illegal relationships with some men I know at that age that was something wrong, I tried to stop her but failed, from that she continues to do that like no one knows, I don’t know what should do on that childhood, but when I’m studying my 12th I fought with her for that. But she ignored, I thought if my father knows this that they will get separated also I loves her most praying for her to stop commiting zina, from my college I choosed to stay away from her I hated her completely day by day, and also my father came to stay permanently here with her and he knows some of her illegal relationships and took her to different place still living with her, I have been not speaking with my mother since I joined college, she also never tried to speak with me, I got married having kids now I’m 27 almost I haven’t spoke with my mother for 9yrs as I have hated her, she even has not came to my marriage but only my father helped for my marriage. My father and several relatives  forcing  me to ask forgiveness to her and speak to her but I don’t. But I always getting sad and very much depressed when think about the hadith and Quran about behaviors with mother. Some thoughts guides me to speak with her I tried and going in front of her but came without speaking. What should I do? Pls help me and guide me in right path.