How to approach this situation

How to approach this situationCategory: RelationshipsHow to approach this situation
Manar Zaben asked 4 years ago

Salam waalakom sheikh.   I am emailing you because I need your spiritual advice, I committed a sin by going behind my parents back and talking to a Muslim man but my parents refused to let him ask for my hand at first because they wanted me to take someone from my own village after a year of me waiting and talking my parents into him they have finally agreed to let us get engaged once they are back from their trip, the guy I wish to get engaged to was thrilled at first because he’s been wanting this for more than 2 years but now he tells me after he came to ask for me that he’s been having trouble sleeping and that he wakes up with nightmares but he can remember what he was dreaming about he also mentioned he wakes up very sweaty he says this has been going on after he prayed salat istikharah and now he doesn’t know if this is a sign for us to not be together after us fighting my family for each other, he said that he doesn’t know what to do but then I prayed salat isitkharah and I didn’t feel like o received any message from it I’m so thrilled that my parents finally said yes I constantly made dua for us in the past to allow us to be together despite my parents stubbornness and we managed to want each other to this point he is very scared of making the wrong decision due to these nightmares he’s been having and the lack of sleep. What do you think we should do?