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Kiara asked 3 years ago

So according to the story of the people of lot in Quran homosexuality is haram? But they say people cursed them cause the man in there used to rape the other man and it wasn’t like love or anything , it was rape that’s why god cursed them, there is nothing about homosexuality in Quran that say it’s haram, please i want an answer cause i see guys trying to live normally but there is this guy that has been married to a woman for 6 yeare and never felt satisfied about his marriage or happy and now he is married to a guy( both Muslims) do what other Muslims does but they love each other, why would god make them like this then they have to change and suffer and the thing is they can’t change like this guy i’m talking about and A LOT not just this guy, does god not love all his people? They are Muslims, would sexuality make god hate people ?cause it’s inside them, he put it inside them. Please answer me thank you.