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Jones asked 4 years ago

salam walaikum! I don’t want to be judged for what I have to tell please. I have these feelings for boys and have done things like having sex with boys. I regret a lot, really. I get very depressed thinking about it. and every time the hormones and feelings come, I do things I know I’m going to regret. Islam is in my heart. It means a lot and I believe in Allah swt. The desire to become a true Muslim is quite high. I often hear that being gay is something you choose for yourself. i can promise you that this is not something i have chosen myself, I try hard not to do anything i know is haram but suddenly i cant. I have started to get bored and tired of not finding a solution to this. also been told that this is a test Allah swt has given me. but I don’t know what to do anymore. for really this is hurting me deep, that I’m sitting unable to fight this. Why is this happening to me. I really want to be a good muslim. Please help