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Swarnima asked 4 years ago

Its been 4 to 5 months I have been reading more and more and trying to understand Islam as a religion and I do my ibadah pretty regularly. I had a dream recently, two dreams actually. I was an atheist before and now because I was depressed and sad, I suddenly turned to Islam. I am not a muslim by birth. I don’t even know if I should ask this. I’m too scared to. But I really want to know. I am actually worried about a person forgiving and coming back to my life but there are no signs from that person and I remember perfectly crying every night to Allah for this. Just 3-4 days before ramadan 2020 started I had a dream and it was like I had realised it was Prophet Muhammad PBUH and he was walking towards me and he told me that do not worry this much. Relax. That person will come back to you. Everything will be fine. I simply thought that maybe I was overthinking that is why I must have imagined this. But on the first day of ramadan (before fajr time) I had another dream wherein Prophet Muhammad PBUH came again in my dream and this time he was just staring at me. I could not see his face as there was too much of noor and light. He was wearing white, was tall, had beard and had hair upto his shoulder. Please help me. What does this mean? Does it even mean anything? Should this be even discussed? Please help me as soon as u can.