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Ejaz Akhtar asked 4 years ago

I am Md.Ejaz Akhtar from India.I am 29 years old. I am suffering from black magic which doing by my own brother. I am suffering since last 9 years.First severe headache, abdomen pain, feeling like something running in my body.Parents thought its a phsychitric problem and brother forcefully took me to mental hospital. And doctor gave me ECT treatment(Electroconvulsive Therapy) 11 times. Its a chock treatment which give in brain. After that my brain and mind have not worked. I have completed B. Sc in Agriculture  and couldn’t be able to complete my M. Sc due to illness. Now my mind is not working and feel like my mind and brain have blocked and head feels like stone is inside my head and also feel abdomen heavy. I went to many doctors as well as many scholars…sometimes feel good but after sometime it become same. Why Allah is not curing me…Please help me..