Haram relationship and getting pregnant

Haram relationship and getting pregnantCategory: RelationshipsHaram relationship and getting pregnant
Kt asked 5 years ago

Hello there. I’m an American girl that has grown up in a Christian family. I was so fascinated by Islam’s teachings and answered a lot of questions Christianity did not answer. I learned this stuff through foreign friends at my university. I  then started to date one of the men that taught me some things. He is from Oman on a student visa.  We did a lot of haram things  leading  To a  Premarital pregnancy. While I was pregnant he graduated and had to go back to Oman. We wanted to get married but it’s illegal to marry a foreigner in Oman and I doubt his family would be okay with me. Oh please, what should we do? Should we move on or should we work this out? I don’t want my son to feel unwanted. My son was born in December and is the joy of my life and I want him to grow up Muslim but it is hard on my own because I live with my Christian mother. Is there anyway we could get married without him getting in trouble with Omani government? Or should we even continue our relationship? I want to for the sake of my son and so he doesn’t grow up thinking it’s okay to do what we did.