Haram relationship and getting pregnant

Haram relationship and getting pregnantHaram relationship and getting pregnant
Mohammad Taghi Hazara asked 5 years ago

Salam Alykom,
I a 23 year old, had dont a sin with a Non Muslim women of 35, she is now pregnant and wants to keep the child.
I am scared of the sin I have committed,  and I know Allah SWT will not go easy on me in the Day of Judgment. 
I am a very bad person, a big sinner.
Lately I have been studying more of my religion  and I realize how much of bad deeds I have done..
What can I do? 
Allah SWT is all merciful,  will he be upon me as well? 
I know that I have to suffer for my sins, but will I for eternity? 
I believe in Allah, the one and only.  As a curious person I am fascinated with everything around us, and I realize how Glorious Allah SWT is. I am terrified of Judgment day,  
I need Help My Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters.. 
I am starting to get depressed and am doing my best to follow the Prophet of Allah SWT’s Hazrat Muhammad  PBUH’s path, but due to my actions which comes from my lack of faith, I often go the wrong direction.