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Mohammed Arif asked 4 years ago


I have a pressing concern regarding work. As a a muslim, is it permissable to work for McDonalds? 

I am a senior manager within a restaurant, but we sell haram chicken, beef and sausage & bacon. I do not physically touch the pork products, but do at times help cooking it on the grills but always use gloves. 

I also help out on the tills when customers buy the haraam food, whether it be chicke , beef or pork based items. 

I am an employee of the company, I do not recieve the profits, just a salary. Is this job permissable as a Muslim or is it Haram? I have been working here for numerous years and only recently I have questioned the permissibility of it. I have seen different opinions online, I am a muslim, of hanafi fiqh, but firstly I am a muslim. So whatever is permissable I will go with that. 

Your brother in Islam
Mohammed Waseem Arif