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Thurayyaa asked 5 years ago

Salamu alaikum. I have another question. It is about halal and haram wealth. I am from Nigeria. I have a Nigerian fiance who lives in the USA.  I want to quit the relationship because of my doubts concerning his source of wealth. The Prophet has promised us that whoever gives up something for the sake of Allah,  Allah will give him something better. Normally in Nigeria,  the presidents, governors, senators and other holders of positions in office are corrupt and embezzle government money which is the right of the millions of citizens of Nigeria. They are also involved in bribery and corruption. They usually take the stolen money and invest in foreign countries like USA,  switzerland etc. Allah ordered us not to consume each other’s money unjustly. My fiance is a businessman who collects the money of these governors and conduct business for them in the USA and give them profits while getting his share of the money. And it is popularly known that all the governors are thieves.  Allah says we should help each other in good and righteousness and not help towards sin and transgression. I am thinking that my fiance’s wealth is Haram because he invests Haram money for them and if I happened to get married to him he will feed me and my children with Haram which is not good for the moral character of the children and is a hindrance for the acceptance of deeds and duas. Am I right that his wealth is Haram because he fronts for thieves and should I give up the relationship with the hope that Allah will give me a better companion who earns pure halal income?