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Mohammed asked 4 years ago

As salaamu alaykum,
For many years I have struggled to make good excuses for fellow muslims from family to friends and towards muslims.
This has resulted me in becoming bitter and angry towards them and making a lack of excuses. I don’t contact them unless they contact me.
This has also resulted in me keeping distant from people in general. I will avoid meeting or communicating to a large group of people to save my self from these thoughts.
It has overcome me so much that I have decided to not contact anyone unless they are close to me or keep in touch with me and then I deem them important or close to me.
I have stopped talking to many people on the basis that they only contact me for their needs and so I don’t save their emails or numbers as I dont deem them to be useful and think they just need me for a need not because I am a muslim brother. At the same time if anyone will contact me I will always respond and not ignore and provide them with the info they need but inside I will be angry or not making excuses feeling that the person only asked me for their need and thats it.
I need some advice I want to what is right as a muslim and
and not have any blame or burden of wronging the rights of a muslim. I don’t want to wrong anyone but these thoughts have caused me to become this way.
Please advise me what to do so I can feel at ease about my situation and always do correct thing.
Please also advise me on any advice on how to take this horrible feeling away from my heart.
Jazak Allah khairan