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Jasmina asked 7 years ago

I would like to know if supplements made of gelatine of the cow are allowed under certain circumstances.
I suffer from psoriasis which covers my body including face. I have tried cutting out certain foods and also tried near enough every vitamin/herb to control it. I got a sample of high potency omega 3 fish oils, which I found really helped to calm the redness and the scales were actually getting lighter. It was actually starting to clear. When I finished the sample pack I wanted to order a normal pack but realised is contained gelatine from cow. I searched for cod liver oil however when trying to concieve this is not allowed due to higher vitamin A levels. I then bought a pack which was halal gelatine but i got allergic reaction and it made my face really bad.
The sample pack I used almost seemed like a miracle but I’m worried. I can’t find anything like it as I think they use very good quality oils.
I’m desperate for an answer. I have tried vegetarian options, halal options but can’t find anything that works as well as that product did.
Alhumdulilah I’m practising Muslim and I’m worried about upsetting Allah swt but I’m wondering in this circumstance would it be allowed, for my health.