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Sara asked 7 years ago

Asalamoualaikum brothers and sisters I have a friend such in a bad situation right now, She have made a big mistake, but she want to repent before it\’s too late, So she is with her \’boyfriend\’ that he prays everyday and he is supposed to be a good Muslim, but the problem is that She went back to him after they didn\’t talked for a while, she traveled to him, now she is stuck with him and she can\’t go back home and he humiliates her and and she does zina almost everyday, may Allah forgives us all. She fears telling him something because sometimes he gets really aggressive and he hits her when She tells him That she wants to leave and she don\’t want to stay like this, absolutely she wants to marry him but he don\’t . She would like to become a better muslimah and change her life, she knows that she can\’t repent to Allah if she mistakens again. She is really lost. It\’s almost Ramadan and She doesn\’t want to stay with him. She can\’t go back until he let her go. Please tell me what shall she do? Which duas she can ask Allah ( glorified and exalted be he). Please she is really in need. We all make mistakes. Please avoid bad comment she is a young girl. Jazakullah khairan brothers and sisters. May Allah bless and forgive us all.