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Ana Maria Ralea asked 4 years ago

My name is Ana Maria and I was born in a christian family (romanian nationality). I am currently reading the Holy Quran and i want to know more about this religion since I feel a special connection with it. I am trying to do my best to become a good muslim through reading the Quran, articles,youtube videos. My heart is so heavy because I love a man who is muslim (syrian) and even though he loves me and i love him very very much, he thinks that in the future we will have troubles because our different upbringing. Me myself I am a very gentle and  modest person as I was before meeting him. I only want peace and to have a marriage blessed by God with him, to form a beautiful family with him and build a beautiful house. I currently work as an attorney at Bucharest City Hall. 
I am afraid that his family might not like me because I was born romanian and christian but in my opinion I think that if a person is good and does good, serving God as she/he should, it’s a good match for any kind of person, nationality, beliefs.
Also, he is afraid that our relationship might not work because of that.
I am really seeking for your advice and I really need it. I appreciate your work and what you do for people like me. I am confused and I really want an expert’s advice.
Thank you so much! May God bless you and your family.