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Mansoor asked 5 years ago

Dear Sheikh
Please if you take a moment to advise on question below. 
My name is Mansoor and I write to you from the UK. 
According to Sharia Law. 
Two corporate companies owned by the same owner and operating in the same territory which is Governed under Shari’a Law. 
Company 1.Property company. 
Company 2 Financial services company.  
Company 1 has defaulted on a transaction with me for £700,000. 
And this amount remains outstanding since the last 10 years. 
And is a proven debt. 
Company 2 is making a claim against me for £53,000. 
And starts bankruptcy action against me. 
Does Sharia law which is the law of the land permit me to make a counter claim against company 2 because of the outstanding debt of £700,000 from company 1. 
The transactions between company 1 and company 2 were separate transactions. 
Does Sharia Law permit a “set-off:
In lawset-off are legal techniques applied between persons with mutual rights and liabilities, It permits the rights to be used to discharge the liabilities where cross claims exist between two parties.